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I’ve been working in sustainability for over 20 years – having started out working in economic development and become disenchanted by the lack of widespread interest in the environmental and social challenges – the forerunners of the problems we face today.

While it’s been a long time coming, I’m hugely encouraged by the widespread awareness and action we are now seeing across society.

My focus now is on supporting leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals who give a damn about the climate and nature crises. I believe that each of us can bring our existing skills, experience and influence to bear in our professional lives to engage others and help businesses and other organisations be part of the transformation of economy and society that we – and the planet – so urgently need.

I’m here to connect with, learn from, and offer support to, others who are working to make a real difference in Scotland and the world.

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We are an international community of professionals working in business, education, finance, law, marketing, tourism and much more. We’re leaders, managers and consultants in businesses, public service and nonprofits.

Most of us are not sustainability experts, but we all champion sustainability in our professional lives because we care deeply about what our society is doing to the living world. Some of us have been doing this for years; some of us are just getting started.

Our shared goal is to embed sustainability in our work, in our organisations, in the programmes we deliver or in the work of our clients to move our society closer to a world where people and nature flourish.

We come together and support each other to maximise our capacity to catalyse transformational change.




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