Impact Training

Scotland Can Do has been working hard behind the scenes to sharpen its focus and become more deliberate in defining what Collective success looks like. Join us on this exciting journey together to uncover, explore, and track your organisation’s impact, and contribution towards Scotland’s national outcomes.

Be the change you want to see in the world

The world is changing, and the growing imperative towards social and environmental impact accountability will not let up any time soon. Getting ahead of the curve now, and growing your organisation’s impact management capabilities ready to embrace this change, offers a distinct and compelling strategic advantage, across multiple levels: 

  • As a new values-driven generation enters the workforce and marketplace we are seeing organisations who lead with purpose and impact reap the benefits of attracting top talent and securing high employee and customer retention.
  • As Government economic policy is broadening its focus to give wellbeing, community wealth, social inclusion, and environmental sustainability outcomes an equal footing on the agenda.

Join us on this training series to deepen your understanding of the impact your organisation has on all of your stakeholders. Learn the skillsets you need to account for both your organisation’s unique purpose, and to be able to demonstrate your contribution towards wider regional, national and global frameworks. 

Impact measurement and management capabilities can help you;

  • Attract and increase investment
  • Streamline engagement with public procurement
  • Foster transparency, building trust with your governance, employees and beneficiaries
  • Identify unexpected strengths and new opportunities
  • Become a resilient, future proof organisation, adaptable to changing market forces
  • Build a legacy you can be proud of

I’m excited to be introducing this unique opportunity to deepen our Collective’s toolkit for truly understanding impact. It’s been top of my priorities during my tenure as your elected Can Do Convenor to provide more ways for us to land the extraordinary potential for positive impact that this community holds into tangible action. I’m delighted that we will be working with our colleagues at Scotland CAN B to help each and every Can Do Collective Partner get to grips with the subject of impact in a meaningful way

Hazel Jane

Convener, Can Do Collective

Learning and growing together, for Collective Impact

The Scottish Government has an inspiring and powerful vision for the future, which is captured in Scotland’s wellbeing framework; The National Performance Framework.

As the role of the Can Do Collective evolves, inline with the launch of the Scottish Government’s new 10 Year Strategy for Economic Transformation, Scotland Can Do’s funding partner the Scottish Government is committed to ensuring that Scotland’s innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem is equipped with the skills, tools, and knowledge it needs to leverage its powerful impact for good.

We are delighted to be able to offer this fully-funded series of workshops during early 2022, allowing us to bring all Can Do Collective members along on the journey of better understanding, measuring and managing environmental, social, and governance performance.

Who should participate?

You are committed to engaging in your vital role in transforming Scotland’s economy

You want to demystify the growing emphasis on ‘Net zero’, ‘Fair Work’, and creating a ‘Wellbeing Economy’

You want to be at the cutting edge, equipped with the skills you need to embed impact

You want to future-proof your organisation

You want to lead by example, for both the ecosystem and your beneficiaries

You want to widen Can Do Collective participation amongst your team

You want to share this journey alongside your community

Can Do Impact Training

“Ahead of changing market forces where accountability for social and environmental impact are essential, what happens when you combine the entrepreneurial, innovative, and business for good ambitions of one country?”

The Can Do Impact programme will be delivered in collaboration with our sister initiative Scotland CAN B. Scotland CAN B was established in partnership between the Scottish Government and B Lab (the non profit behind the global B Corp movement) as the first nationwide programme to measure what matters.

Specialists in the field of impact accountability, the Scotland CAN B team will be with us every step of the way as we engage as a Collective in upgrading our impact measurement expertise, and implement best practices for accountability. 

Together we’ll be exploring these questions:

  • What outcomes is our organisation working towards?
  • How does our organisation ensure that we remain focused on our purpose?
  • What data would we need to collect to know whether or not we’re on track?
  • How does our organisation’s work contribute towards the wider systems we’re a part of?…as members of the Can Do Collective, for Scotland, and towards global sustainable development.

Building a nationwide culture of impact management and accountability for Scotland

4x workshops and 8+ hours of guided learning

Exclusively tailored training for Can Do Collective Partners

Specialist 1:1 support to implement impact measurement practices

Delivered fully online

Share a learning journey with your Collective peers

Fully funded virtual learning with Scotland CAN B

This programme (usually costing £1350) will give you the tools and roadmap you need to facilitate and implement these evolving ideas and make them permanent.

As someone who was part of the initial Scotland Can B steering group, it was inspiring to see first-hand how well developed the SCB initiative has become as I went through the Impact Training.  Impact is becoming such an important aspect of everyone’s day-to-day working focus, and during the training programme Tim, Elle and Kali expertly guide you through key elements of the Impact Journey like Impact Frameworks and Theory of Change which really get you thinking and enhance your understanding and confidence around how to help businesses positively make a difference to people and our planet.  Also, being part of a cohort of people going through the training enables you to connect and learn from a diverse range of like-minded people, which is hugely beneficial.

Steven Hamill

COO, Scottish EDGE

At Converge, we’ve seen an increasing desire from our aspiring academic entrepreneurs to create a positive impact in the world with their business ideas. I joined the Scotland CAN B Impact Advisor training so I could better support them and our own team in ensuring that business for good becomes the dominant model for the economic future. The training provided me with tools that I could use immediately to guide our participants, as well as with inspiration and motivation to support the wider Impact Journey in Scotland.

Lissa Herron

Enterprise Manager, Converge Challenge

Training with Scotland CAN B both galvanised and enhanced my understanding of business impact methodology. The CAN B team have an incredible way of delivering the theory and reality of the impact journey and landscape in a way that makes this vital work both accessible and utterly exhilarating. I left equipped with knowledge, advice and a new peer network from the cohort

Nick Murray

Enterprise Engagement Lead, AAI Employability

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Key Dates


Workshop #1: 13.00-15.45 Friday 14th January 2022


Workshop #2: 14.00-16.00 Wednesday 26th January


Workshop #3: 14.00-16.00 Wednesday 9th February


Workshop #4: 13.00-15.45 Friday 25th February