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Partners will find a range of creative assets and resources for use to help promote our Collective Impact.

Welcome to your brand guide and social media toolkit

To reaffirm the Can Do Collective’s commitment to stronger collaboration and most importantly, adopting and championing the Collective Impact approach, we are providing partners with the tools to support how we communicate our stories as we build a world-leading entrepreneurial, innovative and creative society.

To help us pioneer the ‘Scotland Can Do’ ambition, we want to provide partners with access to a suite of creative assets so we can all distinguish our actions by showcasing;

  • Collective impact through collaboration
  • Collective communication
  • Collective intelligence

We are great at letting the outside world know about the fantastic ecosystem that we have. The collective is collaboration and action.

Evelyn McDonald, Scottish EDGE

The collective story that people tell themselves – and the rest of the world – powerfully shapes an ecosystem’s future. It frames what is possible

Kauffman Foundation

Can Do Collective Brand Style Guide

The Brand Essentials

Can Do Coral

  • RGB: 229/74/74
  • HEX: #e54a4a​

Headline font

Font for body text

Secondary Colours


  • RGB: 31/19/51
  • HEX: #1f1333

Fresh Mint

  • RGB: 58/195/174
  • HEX: #3ac3ae

Warm Gray

  • RGB: 247/240/233
  • HEX: #f7f0e9

Brand Assets

Primary Logo

A simple word mark but allowing it to be more legible at small sizes and more flexible in its alignment.

Download PNG files

Download PDF files

Download SVG files

Stacked Brand

A simple set of style blocks to frame imagery and provide visual interest.

Download PNG files

Download PDF files

Download SVG files

Secondary Logo

This version create a flexible logo system that can be rotated and used in different locations for visual impact.

Download PNG files

Download PDF files

Download SVG files

Scotland Can Do 

Social Media Toolkit

Use the Social Media Toolkit, designed to show you what style to use, what content to post and a ‘how to’ guide on using the specially designed templates for InDesign and Canva.

And get started now!

Scroll down for templates

Ready-to-use Can Do Collective social media templates

Ready to use co-branded ‘Scotland Can Do’ templates

Email Signature

Help promote our connected ecosystem

Image Gallery

Can Do Collective Team

Get in touch with to discuss access to brand guidelines and artwork files.

For ideas around using the brand to support your organisation’s campaigns and activity, please get in touch with our team at

Rebecca Donald

Programme Executive

Rachel Wallace


Daniel MacIntyre

Digital Marketing Support

The Collective is a powerful economic and societal asset as we build back in the months ahead

Rachael Brown

Convenor, 2018-2020

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