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  • Julie Kyle

    March 2, 2022 at 12:41 pm

    Our Talking Heads sessions are conversations with women leaders of amazing mission driven businesses from Scotland, Wales and England – ranging from reuse, to the environment and gifting sustainable products.

    We know that customers shopping habits have changed over the past two years and customers are now shopping with their conscience as well as their wallet. The beauty of these businesses is that increased sales means increased social and environmental impact – something that is undeniably important as we rebuild from the pandemic.

    Our sessions are aimed at an audience who are looking to bring their product, experience or service to market or who are already in this space. We want to bring to life these amazing businesses and their journey from how they got started to where they are now. What have been the opportunities and what have been the challenges that they have had to overcome along the way. These businesses are thriving and delivering key social and environmental impact, through our interviews we can dig deeper into how these businesses found their place in the market and how they connect with and retain their loyal customer base.

    These leaders have the experience of managing a successful and impactful business, and they are delighted to share this with an audience through our forthcoming Talking Heads sessions, hosted by Ingrid Webb.

    to find out more visit the Social Investment Scotland website – https://www.socialinvestmentscotland.com/learning-hub/talking-heads-retail-for-change/

    Please join us.

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